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July 13, 2008

Dont Be Afraid

I have an ancient leaf blower that I use to clean up our patio. It sputters, rattles, smokes, emits irritating fumes, and is considered by my sister (and probably by my neighbors) to be excessively noisy.

But our old dog is utterly indifferent to the racket. When I start up the blower, she doesnt even raise her head, and only reluctantly moves when I blow leaves or dirt in her direction. Thats because she trusts me.

July 9, 2008

Support Holly's Fund

One of the most common diseases among women is to acquire breast cancer and cervix cancer. These two makes me think if I will be a victim. Its either I can acquire through hereditary or its just part of me as a woman. In my moms family, three of her sisters died because of cervix cancer and two sisters had a breast cancer. The two sisters are still living because they had an operation. Breast cancer is a major operation and very expensive too. Many people who have breast cancer have survived if you will know early so that you will cure it or removed the cell from your body.

I have read about Hollys article. She suffered from breast cancer and needs to have an operation soon. She doesnt have health insurance to cover all the expenses. Right now, they are still looking for money, building fund and accepting donation for her operation. If she could do the surgery soon, she will be ok and live normal.

If you have a kind heart, please help Holly with her financial problem. Any amount will be accepted. Just send your donation to Hollys Fund or visit at for more information. Enhance your fitness with the balance of ashtanga yoga and yin yoga with mindfulness at our retreat centre, find out more on our website

School Blues

To prepare Leahs 5-year-old son for his first day of kindergarten, she wrote a script about the first day of school and had a dress rehearsal with him a few days before the actual event. They even drove the same route the bus would take so that he could become familiar with the trip. Happily, the first day of school was a breeze!

July 8, 2008

New Software for my Daughter

My daughter is almost four years old now and she learns fast in computer. Oh boy, she loves to play with her computer. I am happy for that but I am worried that she may accidentally browse the for adults site like pornography. My friend told me about SurfRecon, this website has many tool products for computer. One thing that I like there is SurfRecon. This is a rapid-image tool that can detect and find quickly those pornographic content in your computer system (Windows, Macintosh, and Linux). I will definitely buy it for my daughter. If you are interested, just click the previous link provided to get you there.

Anticancer Sandwich

This sandwich is low in fat and calories, loaded with lots of cancer-fighting vitamins and fiber, and it tastes great, too! 1. Combine tsp balsamic vinegar and tsp olive oil in a medium-size bowl. Add cup torn spinach leaves, cup alfalfa sprouts and cup grated carrot; toss to coat. 2. Slice off an edge of 1 whole-wheat pita to form pocket. 3. Fill pita with 3 oz. Drained water-packed tuna, sliced sweet yellow pepper, 1 sliced small tomato, 2 slices red onion and the spinach mixture.

Car Accident

If you have received damages to your automobile in a car accident, you are entitled to get the money you are owed; even if you have had your car repaired in an auto body shop, the difference in value of your car after repairs are likely to be less than the value of your car before repairs. That means your automobile has a diminished value; and you are entitled to receive the difference in the two amounts in the form of a cash settlement because of the car accident. Follow the previous links to Advocate Auto Claims online for more information about how you have a right to be reimbursed for the damages that you have received.

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July 5, 2008

Royal Game

When Sepak Takraw was invented in Malaysia 500 years ago by the Royal Family, little did they know that the game would eventually pick up and gain popularity. The unconventional game play of sing the body parts except the arms to bring the ball to the opponents court is hard as it is for the player has to be lithe and agile. This extremely hard sport is not kids play because if you have seen it in competitions, the players are literally flying and doing the impossible Bruce-Lee kicks in mid-air.

Vacuum Cleaners

Hey there allergy sufferers. If you are looking for vacuum cleaners you should follow the previous link. It will take you to where you can find what you need at Allergy Buyers Club Shopping online. They have a large selection of vacuum cleaners that are designed for people who suffer from allergies; they do a lot to keep the allergen inside the containment area of the vacuum and not in the air outside the vacuum. Have fun shopping for your next vacuum; you have an excellent assortment of vacuums to make your selection from.