March 22, 2014

Karaoke Night Out

My friends and I have a tradition every Thursday night. We all gather at one of our houses and set up a Karaoke machine, drinks (non-alcoholic because most of us have to go to work the next day), and snacks. It’s been a routine among us since we were in college, when we used to go to a pub that has a karaoke every time one of us is feeling down and needs a little pick-me-up.

Singing has always been a great way for us to express our emotions and create a stronger bond. Even today that most of us have our own families and kids, we still make it a point to meet up every Thursday—sometimes we even bring along our spouses and kids to enjoy the night with us. It’s one of our recreational traditions that we’d be glad to share with our loved ones.

Music brought us together as friends and makes our bond grow stronger as time goes by. I hope we’ll keep up this tradition until our last breath—nobody’s too old to sing anyway!

March 14, 2014

Best Places To Find A Date

Ask people where they first met their spouse and you will get as many answers as the number of people you talked to. I suppose that there isn’t one specific place where you can find quality dates. If there were, people would flock there and we would already have known about it by now.

The usual suspects are parties and clubs. I personally would want to have snagged dates at respectable places such as bookstores and restaurants but not many guys will be as blunt as when they have ingested some amount of alcohol.

I love the fact that I met my current boyfriend at a wedding. It’s so cliché, I know. We have mutual friends who thought that we should meet each other and so we were seated at the same table. They were right, we were perfect for each other. The rest, as they say, is history. We have been married for three years now and it couldn’t be better.

The Beauty of Playing Guitar

The first time I tried playing the guitar was when I was around 16. My Dad got it for my birthday with airturn bt 105 from guitar center for the reason that I had this brilliant idea that I was going to form band.

Even though I did not have a great patience for playing it very often, I loved it nevertheless. I love the guitar and the beauty of the sound it produces. I’m a really artistic person by nature so a guitar to me is an instrument to express the artist in me. Each and every time I played it, it makes calmed something within me; I can shut the world away if only for a bit while. It’s my great escape!

What I learned from an allergy

My daughter got a cough that was triggered by the weather. I thought it was going to be flu because she had fever and her coughs at night are so bad she always ends up vomiting what she ate. I knew right then that we should visit her doctor right away. I bought her some cough and cold medicine but they seem to be not working so I thought she probably needed an antibiotic.

I got so stressed out waiting for hours for our turn. We came up unscheduled so we have to deal with it and wait until the secretary call us in. The Pediatrician says it was an allergic cough and colds she won’t require any antibiotic until her prognosis doesn’t change after 5 days and if fever occurs again. She only prescribed my daughter with Citirizine to be taken for 10 days and the cough remedy is to be continued but just in case there are no changes she already prescribed me the antibiotic but it’s still on hold unless my daughter doesn’t get any better.

I thought what the heck; I never thought an allergic cough could be as bad as flu.

March 7, 2014

Never neglect what’s related to your health

My cousins always had jobs that demanded a lot from them in a physical point of view, many injuries they’ve had over the last 10 years and always with the fear that they would had to pay a lot of money, fortunately they always worked in companies that had a solid health plan and covered all those situations.

Today they’ve moved to a company that don’t cover these situation, due to the economic crisis, so this lead to a search for a good plan, and one of the best was blue advantage of north carolina here, indeed it covered all of my cousins needs, and now they can work without being afraid of not having their injuries covered.

February 25, 2014

An Unexpected Jewelry Gift

I always had a thing for angels. Though I cannot see them, I know that they are real. I have never spoken to them, though I dreamt of them often. My fascination with angels was influenced by the love for the unknown. Apart from that, I have read countless of books pertaining to them, and this strengthened my belief that they do exist.

Aside from their great powers, their wings enthrall me. Because of that, I wanted to buy a jewelry depicting an angel’s wing. However, this is very hard to find, and though I have seen some on the internet, and searched for years, the styles do not fit my personality. They are not really what I am looking for.

On my 25th birthday, I went to one of my favorite shops on the mall. I never really expected to find anything special, apart from the cute notebooks and earrings that I saw. Surprisingly, when I looked at the corner of the store, I saw a necklace that has an angel wing pendant. It was just the thing that I envisioned, and there is only one of it. I bought it immediately, and I just knew that it was a gift for me on my birthday. Without a doubt, angels do exist.

A Well Stock Room

During an emergency its always good to have most of the important things stock up in the room. As for my nephew’s music room, I cant say I am that surprised at all. When my class needed a place where they can edit and record their musical project, my nephew suggested to use his room for free.

Its so nice of him to have the students use his equipments for the recording such as Euphonix from musicians friend. Unfortunately, there was a sudden black out that lasted for almost 3 hours. But it wasn’t a problem because the room is well stock with all the things that the student need like food and other goodies and an emergency light. After waiting finally electricity is up and they were able to finish everything in time.