February 9, 2016

Quotations Are The Path to True Fame

I find it interesting that so many people appear to want to be famous, but they don’t appear to want to be quotable. Being famous for how one looks is ephemeral. Fashions change, trends change, what the public likes to look at changes. What changes much more slowly, is what people want to hear in words of wisdom. A socialite without a brain becomes a forgotten person. A celebrity who is also wise becomes famous for the ages.

It’s a lot easier to be famous for what you look like, or for engaging in outrageous stunts, than it is to become famous because one is wise, though. What is hardest to accomplish should still be that which is most gratifying to achieve. It usually takes an older soul to realize this, however. Being quotable is still worth achieving.

January 29, 2016

Watches Never Go Out Of Fashion

I can go without joyjewelers.com polic jewelry, but never without a watch. My parents loved to wear them, and they passed it down to me. In my high school days, whenever I would go out the door, my father would stop me and scold me because I am not wearing a watch.

He would say that time is important, so I would be forced to don mine. Growing up, this advice stuck in my mind. Not only do I never get late because of it, I also learned to appreciate the intricate beauty of watches. That is why whenever I have extra cash, I immediately buy a watch.

Time and again, my watch has proven to be a good ally. It allows me to arrive early, and saves me from all the embarrassment of arriving last. Also, it effectively spruces up my simple clothes. Because of this, watches will never go out of fashion when it comes to my life.

January 11, 2016

The Best Sound System

I have been a musician all my life and one lesson I learned when you do a performance is to have the best sound system. I bought a string electric guitar and was then contented and amazed with the clear sound it produces. It not only gives clarity of sound but it will captivate the audience’s attention simply because the music itself speaks to their heart.

With all the things I learned all those years that I have been playing music, it’s the sound that people hear that matters, because what is the use of trying to perform good songs when what listeners hear is just a noisy sound coming out of your sound system. A good analogy to this is - what’s the good of your inner feelings when you cannot even express it using your mouth to the one you want it delivered?

January 4, 2016

Getting Your First Witching Hour Novel

Just by looking at the title, I know that I will become fascinated by the story. This book is written by one of my favorite authors, Anne Rice. Witching hour will capture our heart when it comes to witchcraft and adventures simply because Rice had put on a wonderful book telling about the story of the Mayfair Witches, its legacy and curse.

What I also love about this novel is how Michael and Rowan fought for their love when the Mayfair spirit Lasher tries to tell Rowan Mayfair about himself. The story also shows the different Mayfair witches as well as their relatives that have tried to stop the curse as well as make the prophecy come true.

I am sure that when you read this novel you will surely fall in love with the characters that Anne Rice had put-in to make the story. Lasher is also a sequel to this novel that tells about the story of young lasher and how he came to the Mayfair’s.

December 7, 2015

American Gods

I am very happy that Neil Gaiman’s American Gods will be a six part mini-series produced by HBO. They compared it to Game of Thrones, so that’s a good start. I hope they do cast Benedict Cumberbach, although he definitely can’t be Shadow. I read American Gods pretty late in the game. It was not recommended by anyone, I just loved Coraline so much that it lead me to Neil Gaiman’s other works.

When Neil Gaiman frequented Manila I was not yet a fan. He held contests once a year for 5 years I think. My sister won third place and was able to hang around with the esteemed writer. I loved American Gods because it was not as gruesome as his predecessors. It was different and shocking but not too morbid. I liked that about his works, it was not as heavy. His plotlines were pretty dark but leveled off with a light voice.

November 4, 2015

Church and Modernity

The rise of modernization and technology is also a big part of the context of the youth. The ways in which they think are different due to the opening up of their world. In a way modernization has brought about both positive and negative influences to the youth. The mass of the Catholic Church is something that does not entice the youth because it is something that they are not accustomed to. It makes them bored, uninterested and fidgety. It then becomes something meaningless to them merely because it does not appeal to them.

The youth today are so used with such fast paced lifestyles that they live that they have the tendency not to be able to stay put. However, in a positive way, modernization can be used as a toll to further spread the word of God in a manner that is more relatable and accessible.

October 6, 2015

How To Kill Lice

When I was a small child I used to have lice in my hair which I inherited from my playmates who had lice of their own heads, too. My grandma killed my lice by conducting a "lice killing session." She applied cooking gas in my head, combed my hair with a "sulod" a kind of comb made to sweep lice off the hair. She rolled a 200 liter beverage bottle on a white paper with all the lice in it to kill the lice. After the "session" my grandma would shampoo my hair thoroughly. In a couple of days, all my lice were gone.