July 23, 2015

Entertaining Made More Fun

When having lunch or dinner outside the garden or backyard with your friends, there are two things you need to keep in mind. First comes the food, second goes the ambiance. The former can be achieved by practicing with your cooking, kind of like a mock trial or even buying a food from renowned restaurants. Meanwhile, the second is easier done with the help of outdoor melamine dinnerware sets. This tableware is designed to attract guests, impress your boss, and spark everyone’s appetite.

The unique design will be the topic of conversation among the people you will be inviting. Whether it is a formal party or a fun birthday celebration, you can never go wrong with the melamine dinnerware. Made with superior construction and quirky designs, entertainment will be fun and easy. Do not forget about the other details like lighting, seating, and music among other forms of entertainment. What’s a good party without them right?

July 15, 2015

I Enjoy Working at My Own Place

Days after I started work with my 3rd employer, I immediately personalized the space I was assigned to. I put pictures on my desk, brought in my headphones, transferred my music and added other personal effects. It’s just the way I am. If I was to work somewhere, I would want to make it a place where I can be comfortable and let my ideas start flowing. My sister says that I’m a creature of habit in that way. But it’s really not that I prefer things to be familiar. Mind you, I’m not that into the predictable or routinary, but often I just find it easy to start with something I know something about. Call it working smart. It saves time. It helps save effort all because the things you need are in one place and you just have to hit the ground running.

On the other hand, I find myself able to relax in this space I’ve made for myself. It’s like a moment for zen for me being where I am comfortable. And I find it really helpful in managing my productivity.

For The Army Brother

I haven’t seen my brother for many years. When he got into the army, he was always on base. On his off days, he would spend his time with his wife and kids. When he told me that he would come for a visit, I wanted to make the day special because it has been a while since we have talked.

I got him a gift, a Les Paul guitar. It was a welcome home token for not only serving the country, but for helping put me in school. To make sure that everything was perfect, I had to do my research and read the hub les paul buying guide. It had the information I needed to get the perfect gift.

June 22, 2015

Goodluck to our dear friend and his new resto joint

Our friend is opening his restaurant this week. He's been talking about putting up his hole in the wall resto for as long as I've known him. My husband is a picky eater so I know our friend is a good cook. Although he won’t be the one cooking, but it will be his recipes that will be used for the menu. We are all excited for him.

I do hope that the location they will settle his baby in will work well for him. One of his partners owns the property, so I am guessing they have signed in on a pretty nifty deal. I can't wait for Friday, he's been very sweet to us and other people, it is now time to show support.

Grind&co. will serve burgers and chicken. They will also brew their own iced tea and probably serve his famous flavored coffee. I wanted to bring in as much of my friends working or residing near Thomas Morato Quezon City this Friday, but he said it is just the soft opening so better wait til after its fully operational.

I just know it will be great, if I have ever known anyone to love food as much as this one guy does, well I just know he won’t be serving crap. This is one guy who sure knows good food.

A Little Something For The Hubby

Father’s day is fast approaching. Since our daughter is still a toddler and couldn’t give my husband a gift for father’s day, I decided to buy him one of those d angelico guitars that he has been talking about for a long time now. I just know that he will be ecstatic when he receives it from me one of these days.

I’ll wrap it with newspaper and make him guess the content. He would probably think that it is something cheap because I always go crazy when it comes to our budget. I am imagining what his reaction will be. Maybe he’ll get really sentimental and take us on a long trip. But one thing is for sure, he will enjoy it as much as I did when I got it for him.

June 12, 2015

Achieving Happiness with a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle for me includes eating fruits, vegetables and lean meat as well as having regular physical activities like jogging, swimming or biking. This doesn’t mean I don’t allow myself to eat pizza, burger or ice cream, I still do but I limit it to once to twice a week. These are the days I call cheat days. I also have lazy days when I would just lie in my bed to read a good book or just play a game on my iPod. But again, I try my best to limit these days because I believe that inactivity would do me no good.

It is important to have a healthy lifestyle even at a young age because a strong and healthy body impacts our psychological health as well as our social life. When our body is at its best, we feel good and we have a good outlook in life. This kind of mood affects the way we interact with other people because as we feel the happiness within ourselves, we bring that happiness to other people.

Turning Excited For The School Year

My baby girl is attending school for the first time this year. It is still a few months from now, but I am getting more excited by the minute. My husband and I cannot wait. We started to buy school bags and lunch boxes from this site. The coloring materials and other stuff will follow later.

I guess all parents eventually go through this stage. For now, we are more excited about the school year than our little girl. It cannot be helped. Also, I have been talking to other moms so I can learn a thing or two about my child’s safety. I think I am very prepared for this. The only thing I have to do now is get myself ready for the separation anxiety.