November 4, 2015

Church and Modernity

The rise of modernization and technology is also a big part of the context of the youth. The ways in which they think are different due to the opening up of their world. In a way modernization has brought about both positive and negative influences to the youth. The mass of the Catholic Church is something that does not entice the youth because it is something that they are not accustomed to. It makes them bored, uninterested and fidgety. It then becomes something meaningless to them merely because it does not appeal to them.

The youth today are so used with such fast paced lifestyles that they live that they have the tendency not to be able to stay put. However, in a positive way, modernization can be used as a toll to further spread the word of God in a manner that is more relatable and accessible.

October 6, 2015

How To Kill Lice

When I was a small child I used to have lice in my hair which I inherited from my playmates who had lice of their own heads, too. My grandma killed my lice by conducting a "lice killing session." She applied cooking gas in my head, combed my hair with a "sulod" a kind of comb made to sweep lice off the hair. She rolled a 200 liter beverage bottle on a white paper with all the lice in it to kill the lice. After the "session" my grandma would shampoo my hair thoroughly. In a couple of days, all my lice were gone.

September 15, 2015

Entertaining Made More Fun

When having lunch or dinner outside the garden or backyard with your friends, there are two things you need to keep in mind. First comes the food, second goes the ambiance. The former can be achieved by practicing with your cooking, kind of like a mock trial or even buying a food from renowned restaurants. Meanwhile, the second is easier done with the help of outdoor melamine dinnerware sets. This tableware is designed to attract guests, impress your boss, and spark everyone’s appetite.

The unique design will be the topic of conversation among the people you will be inviting. Whether it is a formal party or a fun birthday celebration, you can never go wrong with the melamine dinnerware. Made with superior construction and quirky designs, entertainment will be fun and easy. Do not forget about the other details like lighting, seating, and music among other forms of entertainment. What’s a good party without them right?

If You Want Clarity, Remove Feedback

The term feedback is good when you are writing a term paper or starring in a play. It helps you improve your craft. However, when it comes to music, feedback is something that will destroy your performance and irritate the listeners. Imagine rocking it out with your group. It is the best night of your life. You have a full seat. The girl you are trying to impress is there.

The band is ready and practiced all month for this. And then suddenly, a screeching noise appeared, not only once, but throughout the whole performance. Scary right? The feedback eliminator is one savvy piece of equipment that can remedy this. With it, not only are the volumes controlled, you are also delivering a pleasant experience to everyone who would care to listen.

September 9, 2015

Watches Never Go Out Of Fashion

I can go without jewelry, but never without a watch. My parents loved to wear them, and they passed it down to me. In my high school days, whenever I would go out the door, my father would stop me and scold me because I am not wearing a watch.

He would say that time is important, so I would be forced to don mine. Growing up, this advice stuck in my mind. Not only do I never get late because of it, I also learned to appreciate the intricate beauty of watches. That is why whenever I have extra cash, I immediately buy a watch.

Time and again, my watch has proven to be a good ally. It allows me to arrive early, and saves me from all the embarrassment of arriving last. Also, it effectively spruces up my simple clothes. Because of this, watches will never go out of fashion when it comes to my life.

A Soft Slide For Mr. Grouch

As someone who writes blog entries and occasional technical articles, I need peace and quiet throughout the day. Sound coming from outside, small conversations, and even a peep from the cat is a big no-no when I'm in the zone. Even the wife knows this. I get so irritable that I would not be able to write a thing.

As a favor, my wife made the home office sound proof. We used double paned windows to make it harder from the noise outside to penetrate. The doors are always closed. She even had soft closing drawer slides installed so I would not be bothered whenever she needed something from the office. For someone like me, these things count. It keeps me motivated.

August 5, 2015

J.Law Rocks The Golden Globes And The Internet

The only reason why I watched the Golden Globes this year was because I love seeing stars being Glamorous and also because of Jennifer Lawrence. My love for J.Law started when she became popular because of the Hunger Games series, after that I started to see her every day on the entertainment biz. I never knew she had all that charisma in her.

Last year she won A Golden Globes for Best Actress and this year she won as Best supporting actress for American Hustle. She’s become an A-lister in Hollywood but winning the Golden Globes this year wasn’t the thing that people are most excited about her; just simply her presence in any event is never a disappointment.

Photo bombing Taylor Swift, losing her bracelet and just wearing that DIY little mermaid dress was all the internet could ever talk about. She even started another meme, the Internet can’t get enough of this woman.